Glass Replacement services based in Kent, Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex & Essex

We supply 24/7 glass repairs & replacement from double glazed windows to simple window frames from homes to businesses all over Kent, Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex & Essex. We are a local fast service making sure your home or business is safe, with affordable glazing replacement or repairs making it cheap and cost effective to get high quality glass panels fixed. We have local glaziers who work in the area at all times 24 hours a day. Call us we can get to you within 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on location and time of day.

We specialise in emergency glass replacement or repairs in Kent so rest assured that if you need glass fixed fast we can help, we also offer free quotes on any job so you will know the cost upfront. We work with all brands of Glass and glass types we have expert glaziers to give you advise on repairs or replacements for all types of homes or business, we fix glass on homes, commercial buildings, garages, green houses, Patio doors; Replacement doors, Replacement windows you name it we will fix it. Call for a free quote today.

Double glazing repair or replacement Services Kent

Whether you have a double glazed unit that needs replacing to a Broken single glazed window we can help replace this. Single glazed windows are cut to size on site meaning you only need one visit Giving you a instant fast service in most cases this will only take one hour for your repair. We cover the Kent area and can get to you within 30 minutes to repair or replace your windows.

If you have a double glazed window we will come out to measure it and then try to replace the window the same say or the very next day we repair all types of glass shapes and sizes single double and triple glazed glass patterned tinted and filmed splash backs and mirrors.

We provide a 24 hour emergency in Kent response for both domestic and commercial properties. Please see the list below for popular requirements, CALL US TODAY

Specialists in all window Replacements & Repairs in Kent, Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex & Essex

Sash window’s re glazed weights and cords. When we are re furbishing a sash window here is what we do We remove the sash window remove the cords we will remove the old broken glass cut the 4mm float glass to size and fit the new glass with pins and putty, Before we re install the window we will check the cords and weights and if they need replacing we will do so if not we will install the sash window and reseal internally and externally making sure you get no drafts and you have a nice neat job that your satisfied with.

Smashed Double glazing windows we can repair or use replacement

If you have a double glazed window that is smashed or broken here is how we will repair it. Smashed window we will come along to measure the glass size , thickness and style we will then confirm the order with you so we know exactly what you want then we will order it 9 out of 10 cases we will re-glaze it the same day. This service is the same for misted windows cracked or shattered windows.

For repairs we carry 97% of stock on the van so if you need hinges handles or the locking mechanism this can usually be done in the one visit and should only
Take around 1 hour.

We supply and fit all types of glass

•3mm float 4mm float 6mm float

4.4mm laminate 6.4mm laminate – 19mm laminate and upwards

4mm tougherned and upwards

•Patterned, georgian wired, cast, polish plate

All Pilkington patterns available.

Accreditation of glass specifications

•BS-EN 14449-2  Laminate 6.4 

•BS-EN 356P1-A  Laminate dgu

•BS-EN 12150 Toughened glass 

•BS-EN 6206-A Class safety glass

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